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Mac Users Unite

I should have free wi-fi at all AT&T hot spots because I have both an iPhone 3G and an AT&T wireless card, but because I use a Mac, I can’t log on with my laptop using my Airport.  This is the official word I got this morning from an AT&T data support specialist via online help:

Steven Stubblefield: “Unfortunately the wifi access is built into our ATT Communication Manager application.  We don’t have a Mac version of our software at this time, so unfortunately I don’t have a way for you to connect via your Macbook.”

Well, I wasn’t satisfied with that answer so I emailed the President and CEO of AT&T, Ralph de la Vega this morning. I got a phone call back this afternoon from a Sheryl Toombs, assistant to the president, who didn’t seem to know much about the wi-fi situation.  After much explaining on my part, she thought she could fix my problem, but after speaking to her tech people, she came back on the line and told me, “AT&T doesn’t support the Mac.”

I say we Mac users need to make some noise.  Email AT&T President and CEO from this link:


Let him know that there are millions of Mac users in the US and around the world, and WE WANT OUR WI-FI !

Christine Kling