Mac Users Unite

I should have free wi-fi at all AT&T hot spots because I have both an iPhone 3G and an AT&T wireless card, but because I use a Mac, I can’t log on with my laptop using my Airport.  This is the official word I got this morning from an AT&T data support specialist via online help:

Steven Stubblefield: “Unfortunately the wifi access is built into our ATT Communication Manager application.  We don’t have a Mac version of our software at this time, so unfortunately I don’t have a way for you to connect via your Macbook.”

Well, I wasn’t satisfied with that answer so I emailed the President and CEO of AT&T, Ralph de la Vega this morning. I got a phone call back this afternoon from a Sheryl Toombs, assistant to the president, who didn’t seem to know much about the wi-fi situation.  After much explaining on my part, she thought she could fix my problem, but after speaking to her tech people, she came back on the line and told me, “AT&T doesn’t support the Mac.”

I say we Mac users need to make some noise.  Email AT&T President and CEO from this link:

Let him know that there are millions of Mac users in the US and around the world, and WE WANT OUR WI-FI !

Christine Kling


9 responses to “Mac Users Unite

  1. I have also emailed him. Something isn’t right when they feature the Apple iPhone, but do not support the Apple line of computers!

  2. Done deal! I emailed him too. As an ex-AT&T Bell Labs employee (Naperville, IL) I know how AT&T thinks on the inside. They are SLOW to make decisions … VERY SLOW. It is a very bureaucratic company.

    On the good side, they are slow because they always want to do the right thing. I am sure they will take action.

  3. The iPhone is their biggest seller! I will e-mail them now! Rally!

  4. Perhaps if AT&T won’t support Mac/Apple, then Apple shouldn’t support AT&T.

    In these days of Intel platforms, not supporting the Mac is either financial or technical incompetence. I suspect it’s technical incompetence – they probably don’t employ the calibre of people to be able to easily port the software.

  5. Done.

    This makes sense as to why every connection point seemed to have “technical issues” when I tried to connect!

  6. ATT Customer 10yrs

    Done. Also, write Steve Jobs and the FCC threatening a class action lawsuit couldn’t hurt. I asked him to reduce my cost of service per the SLA or fix the problem or a class action lawsuit! Let’s see if they even respond. lol They’re toast on this issue! Tell your friends, post all over the net! We will win!

  7. I use wi-fi at AT&T hotspots all the time and I have a Mac.

  8. Yes, Howie, that is another part of the irony of this situation. If you use the free access to AT&T hotspots that is included when you have AT&T as your ISP, you don’t need this Location Manager software to log on. Instead you use your AT&T logon and password like people do at most other hotspots. However, if you are trying to use the wi-fi you receive from being an iPhone customer at the exact same hotspot, the only way to login is through this Windows-only Laptop Connect software. And I’ve had this verified by AT&T data support specialists and Ms. Toombs, assistant to the president.

  9. As a support tech, I have spent many, many hours installing/uninstalling/reinstalling/troubleshooting the ACM software. Trust me, this is not something you want ported over to OS X.

    Think of it this way: PC users need to deal with crappy AT&T branded 3rd party apps to get their free AT&T wifi, Mac users only need to switch Safari to the “Mobile Safari” user agent.

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